Contract & Procurement Documentation Update

Over the last few months the Contract & Procurement Documentation project has really gained momentum and workshops are taking place across the whole region to provide an overview of the project and to go through the first suite of documents for Construction contracts in more detail. 

The suites are being developed by Gerard Meade of Helix Legal in conjunction with Cairns Regional Council and will ensure that Councils have access to a range of documents that balance protection with commerciality and practicality.

The documents are intended to be fair and reasonable, in simple plain English and easy to understand.  

In other news:

  • Work on the 18/19 Bitumen Reseal continues at a great pace with works now 60% completed,
  • The draft Biosolids End of Waste Code Document is expected to come out shortly for public consultation; and
  • Our scrap metal contractor is busy removing as much metal from our region as possible ahead of cyclone season.  


Procurment Date Claimers:

Contract & Procurement Documentation Training

  • Cassowary Coast Regional Council, 10:00am Monday 29 October 2018
  • Cairns Regional Council, 9:30am & 1:00pm, Tuesday 30 October 2018
  • Cook Shire Council, 10:00am, Thursday 1 November 2018
  • Mareeba Shire Council, 10:00am, Friday 2 November 2018

Regional Removal & Beneficial Reuse of Biosolids

  • Contract Meeting No. 4 – Tablelands Regional Council, 10:00am, Thursday 8 November 2018

Regional Collection & Removal of Ferrous Scrap Metal & ULABs

  • Contract Meeting No. 4 – Cairns Regional Council, 10:00am, Tuesday 20 November 2018

2018/19 Bitumen Reseal

  • Contract Meeting No. 5 – Cairns Regional Council, 9:30am, Friday 14 December 2018


The first document suite is for Construction projects but the following suites are also already in development:

  • Construct Only (Minor Works)
  • Design & Construct            
  • Professional Services
  • Consultancy (Local Buy)
  • Goods & Services
  • Plant Hire


In addition, the documents will be supported with the provision of an Implementation Guide which will include the following:


Purpose of Manual

Quick Guides - Conducting a Procurement Process

Introduction to the Suites

Appendix A - Overview of the FNQROC Suites

Appendix B - Introduction to the Documents

Appendix C - Comparative Analysis of Contracts & Overview

Conducting a Procurement Process

Appendix D - Guide to the Terms of the RFT (long & short form)

Managing a Project

Appendix E - Guide to the Terms of the Contract

Appendix F - Table of Administrative Requirements

Summary of Changes


Finally the project will also provide Councils with a range of documents to support the procurement process including the following:

Procurement Plan

Evaluation Plan

Probity Plan

Tender Opening Checklist

Conformance/Non-conformance record

Individual scoring card

Evaluation panel recommendation report

Evaluation panel moderated scoring record


It is exciting to see the project really starting to take shape and hopefully as more and more documents become available councils will really start to feel the benefit. 

If there are any additional documents that you consider your council may benefit from being developed please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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