Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils

The Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (FNQROC) was established in 1992 and represents 12 member Councils from Hinchinbrook to Cooktown in Far North Queensland inclusive of Hope Vale.  

This area covers 1,235 km of the eastern seaboard with a land area of 252,542 sq km and a population of approximately 280,330.  Gross regional product is $16.75 billion.

We are the largest and fastest growing region in Northern Australia, via the FNQROC Regional Snapshot

Our role is to foster cooperation and resource sharing between Councils and effectively advocate regional positions and priorities. In doing this we also work closely with regional partners and stakeholders.

The FNQROC Economic Profile presents information that enables you to describe the regions role within the broader economy, explore options for economic development and promote regional strengths.  

Economic Profile Data

The FNQROC Community Profile provides demographic analysis for the region and LGAs based on results from the Censuses of Population and Housing (1991-2016). The profile is updated with population estimates when new figures are released by the ABS.

 Community Profile Data  

The FNQROC Housing  Profile monitors housing supply, demand and affordability for the FNQROC region.                                  

Housing Profile Data  

The COVID-19 Economic Outlook Tool provides an overview of the economic impacts of COVID-19 across the FNQROC region and assists LGAs to:

  • Identify which parts of the local economy have experienced the most decline / growth
  • Review and update local economic strategies and policies
  • Support applications for funding and new infrastructure
  • Prepare for recovery with economic data and evidence. 

This site is updated regularly by Economy .id as new data and information is released. 

COVID-19 Economic Outlook Tool