Asset Management Update - Sept 2018

Asset Management


Additional to some cool stuff going on in RAMG other cool things, like a regional condition summary building condition summary standardisation document/database(and updates to the useful life benchmarking spreadsheet), a regional revaluation calendar, the commencement of a discussion forum, geeing up some discounted IPWEA access and a bit of Asset management training later in the year, we have a really interesting, potentially very potent side project.

It’s the use of anonymous user data collected by telecommunications providers, for the purpose of informing council planning and asset management practices.



 This has the opportunity to significantly change, simplify and improve how approach assets we are planning for, and how we manage the assets we have.  Some of these opportunities include:

  • Planning - Aggregated commuter data to inform road master planning documents, Transport investment strategies, Legislated Local Government Infrastructure Plans etc.
  • Planning - Seeking park/building/road/pedestrian data to inform traditional planning documents (CBD utilisation/Cycling/Pedestrian Management Planning)
  • Asset Management - Area utilization – Seeking park/building/road utilisation data to inform area asset planning(both maintenance standard and larger disposal/replacement considerations)
  • Asset Management - Tracking of light plant/vehicles etc(small signal attachment)
  • Compliance - Opportunity in the compliance space e.g. camping/events/licencing etc.
  • Event Planning – Attendance and movement/Logistics benefit.

Food for thought. I will soon be organising an in depth presentation/discussion with some specialists in the field, so watch this space.

Feel free to contact me about other opportunities you would like me to follow up on with this, or any regional ideas you wanted followed up in general!

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