Regional Procurement Update - Sept 2018

Indigenous Meet the Buyers


The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT), and the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnership (DATSIP) jointly hosted this event which was aimed at facilitating an introduction of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business to companies involved in public and private sector procurement, with the intent of providing guidance in securing future procurement opportunities.  

The event was well attended and provided plenty of opportunity to engage with local businesses and to connect with organisations aimed at developing the indigenous business sector.


Coogee – Depot Opening


Coogee, also known as Elite Chemicals, is the supplier of Sodium Hypochlorite (chlorine) to all member Councils and Coogee has recently invested significantly in our region with the opening of a new depot on Ponzo Street in Cairns.  

The depot significantly increases storage capacity for this vital product which is manufactured in Lytton, delivered by rail to Cairns and then delivered to FNQROC councils using their purpose built truck.

Council officers recently attended the opening event to see the depot first hand and benefited from a number of informative briefing sessions on the manufacture, storage and handling of the product. The increased storage capacity will provide surety of supply particularly during the wet season and will help meet the growing demands of our region.


18/19 Bitumen Reseal

For the first time ever, the Regional Bitumen Reseal commenced in July with the first spray seal taking place in Cassowary Coast Regional Council.

These works have now been completed together with the works for Hinchinbrook Shire Council and the crew are currently in Cook Shire. Starting early in the financial year minimises the risk of weather delays and general enables the whole program to be delivered more efficiently for both councils and the supplier.


FNQROC Contract and Procurement Documentation

This project is progressing in earnest with the first document suite, Construct only, due to be released to the region shortly. 

The Construct only suite of documentation not only includes the contract itself but all the documentation associated with the request for tender/quote process including:

  • Request for Tender (long & short form)
  • Response Schedule
  • Template advertisement for Request for Tender
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Letter to unsuccessful tenderer
  • Contract
  • Specification and checklist
  • Proforma notices and forms (where appropriate)

We are currently in the process of scoping appropriate training to support the roll-out and work has already commenced on the next document suite, Supply of Goods & Services with many more of the most commonly used documents due to follow.

This is an exciting project as it will provide consistency across the region which will significantly benefit both councils and suppliers and hopefully will be the springboard to the region working even more collectively in the procurement space.





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