Regional Roads Group - October 2014

Alliance Operational Review

The Roads & Transport Alliance has been undertaking a review of the Alliance framework and the associated Operational guidelines in 2014.  It covers the following subjects:

Document structure Vision, objectives, outcomes, principles Addition of planning to Alliance framework Prioritisation
Funding Program Management Capability development and the State wide capability fund Joint purchase and resource sharing
Asset management and road safety Communication and the Alliance website Governance Resourcing and team structure
RRTG and TMR boundary alignments SEQ RRTGs

A discussion paper was released on 9 September asking for comments by 26 September. FNQRRTG has made extensive comment.  Another workshop with Technical Coordinators from across the state is being held in Brisbane on 1 October.  There will also be discussion on the review at the Roads & Transport Alliance Technical Forum.  Following the workshop, forum and receipt of all comments, the Alliance Project Team and the consultant undertaking the review will draft revised guidelines for the Alliance Board to consider.  It is hoped the review will be completed prior to Christmas.

"Red Guide Post" Project – Weed Awareness

A number of NSW Weeds Advisory Groups and RMS have collaborated to develop a simple system to assist in reducing the spread of high risk weed species along roadsides. It involves the installation of red guide posts at the start and end of each infestation. An extensive awareness campaign advises there is to be no works between the posts without the local weed officer's permission.

This project has been funded through the NSW Weeds Action Program (WAP) New Innovative project for weeds 2013-2015 and Murray Local Land Services Integrated Pest and Weed Management Projects. More than 2,000 red guide posts have been distributed to 33 partnering Councils across the Riverina & Central Western NSW to be installed next to existing white guide posts.

The Technical Committee will be discussing the merit of this project at its meeting.

Royalties for the Regions – Round 4

R4R Round 4 opened in late August and submissions closed on 26 September.  There were significant changes to the program in this round which caused quite a bit of confusion (and angst!). $210 million is available, however State Government agencies are now eligible to apply for their infrastructure assets.  A closing date for the SG agencies has not been announced as yet. Councils were still eligible to submit applications for SG controlled assets, with the exception of TMR controlled roads.  TMR however may submit applications for their roads.

The program has been split into the "Council" component and "Strategic Projects" component, however there does not appear to be a fixed allocation to either component despite earlier reports to the contrary.  Projects must align with the SG's recently released RegionsQ Framework which identifies priorities to achieve the long term vision set out in the Queensland Plan.  There are still the categories of community infrastructure, roads & transport, flood mitigation.

Funding announcements are expected in December.  FNQRRTG Councils submitted the following roads & transport projects:


Construction of an access road connecting St Andrews College to the Redlynch Connection Road.  Total Cost = $1.9m.


Shields Street Heart Project – Streetscape Revitalisation.  Total Cost = $12m.

Cassowary Coast

Replacement of Innisfail Commercial Wharf.  Total Cost = $2.4m.


Construction to sealed standard of approximately 34km of the Croydon-Richmond Road.  Total Cost = $6.05m.


Construction of new concrete causeway at the Sandy Tate River on Bolwarra Road, west of Chillagoe.  Total Cost = $800,000.


Construction to sealed standard of 1.4km of the Ootann Road on the Sandy Tate River approach.  Total Cost = $830,000


Peakes Gully Stormwater Infrastructure Upgrades, Atherton.  Total Cost = $4.2m.


Construction to sealed standard of unsealed sections of Jue Sue Road, east of Tolga and Atherton.  Total Cost = $2.4m.


Horizontal alignment upgrades and widening of sections of Beantree Road, east of Tolga and Atherton.  Total Cost = $2.4m.


Construction to 2 lane sealed standard of the existing unsealed and single lane sealed sections of Marnane Road, west of Tolga (including drainage upgrades to improve flood immunity).  Total Cost = $4.6m.


B Double Truck Pad, Tumoulin.  This project comprises construction of a B Double truck pad in association with TMR standard intersection upgrade works at the intersection of Tumoulin & Jonnson Roads, Tumoulin.  Total Cost = $750,000.


This project comprises realignment, drainage upgrades, widening to 7.5m from chainages 2.65km to 3.45km from the Palmerston Highway, Millaa Millaa. It also includes replacement of the causeway at Mungalli Creek.  Total Cost = $750,000.