Regional Road Group - April 2013

Cape Tribulation to Bloomfield Link – Bloomfield River Crossing at Wujal Wujal

Tenders close later this month for this project.  Construction is expected to commence in June 2013 and be completed by December 2013.

TIDS "One Bucket" Funding Model

The Roads Alliance Board has released a discussion paper on the proposed TIDS "One Bucket" funding model. Comment on the proposed model from RRGs is required by 12 April 2013.  FNQRRG will be making comment.  A one-day workshop on the proposal will be held in Brisbane on Tuesday 23 April 2013.  The proposed model will be implemented for 2014/15.   RRG funding allocations for 2014/15 are being reviewed and will reflect any changes resulting from the RRG boundaries review.

Bridge Inspections

Cairns Regional Council and Tablelands Regional Council are getting together to jointly procure Level 2 bridge inspections for their respective areas.

Road and Public Space Lighting Workshop

Following some interest, FNQRRG has suggested CPEE schedule their 3 day "Road and Public Space Lighting Workshop" in Cairns.  However, it is not guaranteed this will happen.  The workshop is based on AS1158-2005 with Austroads' "Guide to Road Design Part 6B – Roadside Environment" used to support.  It is currently only held in Brisbane.

IPWEAQ North Queensland Branch Conference

The 2013 IPWEAQ North Queensland Branch Conference is being hosted by Cook Shire Council and being held at the Cooktown Events Centre during 15-17 May 2013.  Please refer to the IPWEA website for details.  The next FNQRRG Technical Committee meeting will be held in Cooktown on the Wednesday afternoon leading into the conference.

Works Programs

Our TIDS expenditure levels are as follows:

Roads Alliance TIDS = 71%

SafeST TIDS = 100%

RSDP = 22%

Capability = 86%

The Roads Alliance TIDS and Capability Programs are forecast to be 100% by 30 June 2013, which is good news given the "no carryover" condition of TIDS funding this financial year.  RSDP funding is for the Ootann Road project (Tablelands) and the Woobadda Creek project (Cairns).  These are also expected to achieve 100% expenditure, although the future de-amalgamation of Douglas from Cairns has caused some confusion with the Woobadda Creek project.

It is still important and critical to get TIDS claims in to TMR and up to date for any expenditure incurred.

The Roads Alliance Board recently sent correspondence to all RRGs hammering the need to fully deliver their work programs and claim the associated expenditure.

Next Meeting Dates

• FNQRRG - Monday 15 April 2013, Civic Reception Room, Ground Floor, Cairns Regional Council, Spence Street, Cairns commencing at 1.30pm following the FNQROC Board Meeting.

• FNQRRG TC - Wednesday 15 May 2013, Cook Shire Council, Cooktown commencing at 2pm.