Regional Procurement - March 2014

Scrap Metal Recycling

In 2013, the Regional Waste Management Group (RWMG) identified scrap metal recycling as an area where there may be a potential opportunity for a collective arrangement, specifically in relation to the management of stockpiles and the sale of metal.  Steve and I therefore spent much of the month building on the research which Steve had already commenced, getting to grips with the scrap metal industry; meeting with suppliers, establishing current member Council arrangements as well as other local authority arrangements.  Having done the research we now have plenty of information to share with the RWMG which we hope will be of assistance and will help the group to make an informed decision regarding options.

Asphalt Overlay Program

Following on from the success of the collective Bitumen Reseals program, we are working with the RRTG TC on the possible development of a collective Asphalt Overlay program, with Councils being asked to provide indicative 2014/2015 programs by the first week of April to enable us to progress further.