Regional Procurement - July 2014

By: Regional Procurement Coordinator, Amanda Hancock...

Scrap Metal Recycling

This month the focus has been on the development of appropriate tender documentation which will form the basis of discussion at the Project Steering Committee (PSC) workshop scheduled for mid-July.  The proposed documentation has now been shared with the committee and a further update will follow in next month's newsletter following what should be a productive workshop.

Bitumen Reseals

Discussions in relation to the Bitumen Reseal program are ongoing.  Members of the PSC are in the process of providing recommendation reports to their individual Councils for resolution and we hope to be in a position to provide a full update next month.  Watch this space!

Asphalt Overlay

Following the success of the Bitumen Reseal project, the PSC considered the potential for a collective Asphalt Overlay program.  However, by utilising the provisions of the Local Government Regulations, Section 235 (F), they were able to leverage off an existing member council arrangement and negotiate directly with the supplier to obtain improved rates.

Councils intend to informally agree the use of supplier resources in the most efficient manner by regular communication regarding scheduling.

This cross-council resource sharing within the PSC has saved member councils both time and money, by removing the need for a tender and an evaluation process.  It has also provided the added benefit of being a much quicker process.

The Local Government Regulations, Section 235 (F) are as follows:

235 Other exceptions

A local government may enter into a medium-sized contractual arrangement or large-sized contractual arrangement without first inviting written quotes or tenders if:

(a) the local government resolves it is satisfied that there is only 1 supplier who is reasonably available; or

(b) the local government resolves that, because of the specialised or confidential nature of the services that are sought, it would be impractical or disadvantageous for the local government to invite quotes or tenders; or

(c) a genuine emergency exists; or

(d) the contract is for the purchase of goods and is made by auction; or

(e) the contract is for the purchase of second-hand goods; or

(f) the contract is made with, or under an arrangement with, a government agency.

For those that are unaware, all member councils need to do to leverage off an existing arrangement is to seek formal approval from the originating council and of course seek agreement from the supplier. Use of the legislation has the support of the Regional Procurement Committee and we are beginning to see member councils utilising this option to great effect. We would therefore encourage all member councils to consider this as an option prior to inviting a new tender for the procurement of goods and services.  A quick telephone call to other member councils could not only save a lot of time and effort but potentially a quite a few $$$$ too!  If you have any queries or would like to discuss in any further detail please do not hesitate to give me a call.