Regional Procurement Group - February 2013

By: Steven Cosatto, Regional Procurement Coordinator...

I am anticipating an eventful year for Procurement.  We are currently involved in some interesting projects and I will provide updates on these as I am able to throughout the year.

The first project off the rank is Regional Bitumen Resealing.  Last year the Project Steering Committee (representatives from each member council works department) decided to start dialogue with the industry to assist in a review of the region's resealing programs.  I am pleased to advise that FNQROC, on behalf of the Steering Committee, will facilitate a bitumen resealing supplier engagement meeting on 7 February, to which the response has been extremely positive.

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) in projects is not a new initiative and has been previously utilised by State Government agencies and other Local Government collectives.  The objective of ECI is to involve industry in the identification of efficiencies, opportunities and risks associated with a project.  This feedback is valuable when considering the appropriate project delivery options and aids in the development of the most efficient and cost effective arrangements for both Local Governments and suppliers.

The FNQ Regional Procurement Committee has been fortunate to have received acceptances to provide presentations at our Regional Procurement Group meetings.  Listed below are the proposed meetings dates and accompanying presentation.

  • 19 April - CMC Presentation.   The CMC will provide an overview of recent the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) findings in NSW Local Governments and to outline the future direction of the CMC.
  • 2 August - Queensland Audit Office (QAO) Presentation.  The QAO will present on matters affecting Local Government procurement from its own perspective.
  • 25 October - Jardine Lloyd Thompson Presentation.  JLT will present on Local Government Mutual Liability, Public Sector Risk, Indemnities and Insurance matters affecting Local Governments.

It is encouraging that these state bodies are willing to make themselves available to our Committee, and to take a proactive approach in providing advice and direction on current issues affecting Local Governments and procurement in particular.