Regional Procurement Group - August 2012

By: Steven Cosatto, Regional Procurement Coordinator

The next Procurement Group meeting, which was scheduled for Friday 3 August 2012 in Cooktown, has been transferred to Cairns and postponed to Friday 14 September 2012 at 10am. The guest speaker at the meeting will be Grant Mackenzie from Ipro LiVe who will provide a presentation of his organisation's software regarding management of contractor compliance, ie. licences, insurance policies, personal/corporate/legal data, references, OHS practices, financial position, environmental performance etc.

Council officers are increasingly involved in contract administration, particularly given the widening responsibilities of Councils and the greater emphasis on outsourcing. Reducing the costs and risks involved in contractor compliance will require greater resourcing. This may be an opportunity for resource sharing amongst Councils as FNQROC member Councils often utilise the same suppliers, contractors and consultants.

I am pleased to advise the Sodium Hypochlorite and Liquid Alum contractual arrangements were finalised and have been in operation since June.

On a final note, I would like to thank Local Buy for the invitation to be involved in the evaluation of one of their Tenders. It is a positive to see a state body encouraging a regional perspective in this way.