Regional Procurement - December 2013

By: Regional Procurement Coordinator, Steven Cosatto...

Regional Waste Management Group

The principal objective of the FNQ Regional Waste Management Group (FNQ RWMG) is to achieve higher service levels for Councils. 

The (RWMG) has initiated a review of the region's recovered metal, which amounts to about 5,000 tonnes per annum.  

I wish to thank Townsville City Council's Waste Services department and the Grampians Regional Waste Management Group (GRWMG) of Victoria, both of which have been very generous with their time and resources in providing information for analysis and benchmarking. These organisations currently operate different systems to Far North Queensland Councils, so the opportunity to compare and evaluate will provide our RWMG with essential information when deciding which strategic direction to take.

Procurement - Sodium Hypochlorite

As part of the continual improvement process for the Sodium Hypochlorite arrangement the region's water treatment coordinators met with the supplier, Coogee Chemicals at their depot.  The purpose of the meeting was to:

• Discuss findings from the recent contract review;

• Develop contingency plans in the event of rail and/or road closure due to flooding, including a commitment from the supplier regarding alternate supply avenues, a communication plan and a prioritisation strategy. 

Collective Procurement

I have received an invitation to speak to members of the Whitsunday ROC regarding FNQROC's experiences with collective procurement arrangements.  It is encouraging when similar organisations hold FNQROC in such high regard.