Regional Infrastructure Projects Update - July 2014

By: Regional Infrastructure Projects Coordinator, Steven Cosatto...

Regional Asset Management Group (RAMG)

The Roads and Transport Alliance Project Team (RTAPT) workshop for the Road Asset Valuation (RAV) Toolbox was conducted on Friday 27 June (pictured below).


On behalf of all attendees I would like to thank Graham Jordan who conducted the workshop and Roads Alliance Project Team which assisted FNQROC in facilitating the workshop.

The project/toolbox developed a process which utilises Department of Transport and Main Road's (DTMR) data and systems to provide a resources 'toolbox' for use by Local Governments in valuing road assets.

An expert panel will be responsible to review and approve the process for developing the unit rates each year before being issued to Local Governments.  The expert panel comprised of representatives from the LGAQ and DTMR (for the Roads and Transport Alliance), Brisbane, Cairns, Cherbourg, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville and Western Downs Local Governments, Orion Consulting, and the project consultants Lemmah Pty Ltd and Barnewall Resources. The following agencies were observers on the panel and made a significant contribution: Queensland Audit Office (QAO), Office of the Valuer-General (VG), and the Department of Local Government, Community Recovery and Resilience.

As with all new "sites/toolboxes" there will be a few bumps and lumps however I believe in general it will assist Councils in the providing a consistent approach in the valuation of transport assets.  Whilst Councils are not obliged to utilise the data in the toolbox, the methodology and process has been supported by the Queensland Audit Office and as such will assist at audit time.

Date claimer: Next meeting Monday 7 July 2014, 10-2pm, Cairns. 

Regional Waste Management Group (RWMG)

As discussed in Amanda's procurement section the RWMG is currently in the process of reviewing draft documentation for a potential collective arrangement regarding scrap metal for review and discussion in mid July.  A critical component of that meeting will be the discussion and acknowledgement/confirmation by member Councils of one of the objectives for the project "Service v's Price".  This decision will obviously have a major impact on the Steering Committee's strategy for the rest of the project and any potential arrangement with contractors.  Whilst price is always important, it doesn't matter what price your arrangement is for if the product isn't being collected by the supplier.

Date claimer next meeting RWMG: Friday, 15 August 2014, 9.30am-12.30pm, Cairns.