Planning Projects Update - October 2012

* The Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning is to become the sole referral agency for development applications;

* Removal of the master planning and structure planning arrangements;

Enable some provisions of the Queensland Planning Provisions to apply to all planning schemes;

* Amendments to the timing requirements for providing evidence of State resource entitlement so that having evidence of such entitlement is not required at the time of lodging a development application;

Remove the requirement that development applications be accompanied by mandatory supporting information, and reintroduce a (limited) discretion by local governments as to whether to accept applications;

* Facilitate the application of maximum assessment levels for certain applications;

* Greater discretion given to the Planning and Environment court regarding costs; and

* Provide an alternative dispute resolution process to enable the Alternative Dispute Resolution Registrar to hear and decide minor disputes and routine procedural applications in place of the Planning and Environment Court.

The Queensland Government is calling for submissions on the Bill by 12 October 2012.