Natural Asset Management Update - April 2016

By: Regional Natural Asset Management Coordinator, Travis Sydes...

Pest Management Plans annual review and preparing for transition to Biosecurity Plans

There are a series of annual review processes about to begin as councils conduct annual reviews of their Local Area Pest Management Plans over the coming months. Part of the process above and beyond the regular housekeeping required to monitor progress on implementation will be introducing new councils and chairs to the advisory committees and preparing the plans for the transition to the new Act which will begin July 1. The great news for the region is the hard yards we have done in preparing our plans to be a risk based response to local issues pre-empts the required changes in context of the new legislation so the transition should be relatively seamless. When the Biosecurity Act comes into force all currently authorised officers appointed by CEO will automatically transition to the new legislation. Local Area Pest Management Plans will be required to become Local Area Biosecurity Plans when they expire. Several councils with plans in preparation or review are preparing to make the transition as soon as possible to align with the new terminology and concepts of the Act.

May Class 1 weed management committee meeting marks transition to the Biosecurity Act

Weed managers from across the region met in Cairns to workshop and share progress on programs targeting Class 1 Weeds and the National Four Tropical Weeds Eradication Program in May. When the Biosecurity Act comes into force the familiar Class 1, 2, 3 weed and pest classification system will be replaced by 7 categories of management and an overarching general biosecurity obligation. The workshop spent some time establishing the future needs, scheduling and structure of the advisory group into the future. A separate meeting was held in the afternoon to discuss the progress of the transition to management for Kosters’ Curse (currently only in two single locations in MSC and CCRC).

Coastal Hazard Adaptation Program- Information session on minimum standards and guidelines

A follow-up session to take LG’s through the minimum standards and guidelines for the development of Coastal Hazard Adaptation Plans under the QCoast2100 funded program will be held in Cairns on Friday 27. If you have not been in the loop and are interested in attending then contact Teresa or myself at FNQROC for more information or email Katrina Donaghy of LGAQ to register before May 9. email/katrina_donaghy)(

Queensland Pest Animal Symposium, Townsville, 7-10 November

More information QPAS website.  

If any council employee’s or councillors are planning on attending the event then it is worth your while to become a member of the Weed Society Queensland which will entitle you to a discount on registration (which is greater than the cost of membership). The Weed Society includes a Pest Animal Branch who will be delivering the event. They also have travel and study awards available to assist members attend conferences and symposia WSQ website.