FNQROC Update - March 2013


In February AEC Group commenced its engagement into alternative business mechanisms to manage our urban water services.  While we originally envisaged water reform to be a couple of years away, the recent State Government 30 year water strategy discussion paper brings it closer than first thought.  From our perspective, if there is water reform then we would prefer it on our terms rather than those imposed – for us, this is the aim of this project – to identify and justify the best course of action for this region to advocate.

AEC Group met with the steering committee on 20 February to get some preliminary information and will again meet with councils one on one. 

A draft recommendation is due in April and will require some significant information provision to be done by councils to feed into this review.  Please note, this review is not a ‘done deal’, it will allow us to focus our attentions on the right areas.  The next steering committee meeting is due to occur mid to late March.