FNQROC Update - July 2013

By: Darlene Irvine, Executive Officer...

Welcome to our July update.  We know June and July is a busy time for you all so we have tried to leave officers alone as much as possible.

Bitumen Reseal Tender

I am pleased to advise that after a lot of hard work the FNQ Regional Bitumen Tender was assessed in June.  The appropriate reports soon will go to Councils.  Steven Cosatto will give a full report of the benefits in next month's newsletter.  The indirect benefits are intangible as this new arrangement (a) transfers risk and liability from member Councils to the supplier allowing Councils to focus on their core activities, and (b) mitigates conflict between Councils for suppliers to complete their program.  This saves Councils time (the supplier is responsible for aligning ordering of product/services) and ensures annual programs are delivered efficiently.

I'm especially pleased with the maturity of the Project Steering Committee which listened to the market regarding the inclusion of the DTMR rise and fall clause and have agreed to share this risk on a prorata basis across all Councils should the need arise.  Rise and fall is not new to Councils, at least one supplier to the region has this standard in their tender to Councils and the others while ‘fixed’ do consistently apply for an increase with mixed results.

We also have secured 50% funding for a program superintendent to manage the delivery of these works.  The matching 50% will come from the FNQROC through the 15% of savings.  


Board level discussions

We held FNQROC and FNQRRG Board meetings on 3 June 2013.  The major items to come out of these two meetings were:

• An update on the investigations into regional recycling.

• An update on the progress of the Woobadda Creek Crossing.

• Our 100% spend on Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS) funding.

• LGMA-supported Angel Flight Charity Fundraising / Awareness raising program.

• Upcoming Federal election and policy statements for the region.

• Emergency Management, Fire and Rescue Levy.

• LGAQ Policy Executive update with discussion around constitutional recognition and wildlife management issues.

Other news

In July I will present at the Local Government Strategic Alliance Showcase.  I hope to bring back many new ideas to explore or enhance our current activities.

We also will work on a briefing paper for the Regional Round Table on the 'double depreciation' issue.  It is my intent to get a draft (it should only be 1-2 pages) for review by the finance managers before the next FNQROC Board meeting which will be held in Cooktown on 12 August 2013.

This month I will work from:

Innisfail – Tuesday 16 July (either in the long room or upstairs in the Mayor/Cr meeting room)

Atherton – Tuesday 30 July (Matt Hydes office?)