Regional Development Manual - Version 9 - 2023

Please note, FNQROC is the 'gate keeper' administrator ONLY for these documents. 

Any questions regarding specifications, requirements or changes should be directed to the Planning Department within the Council area you are dealing with.

Please note that a number of Councils are currently in the process of adopting Version 9 of the Manual. Please check with the relevant Council which version will be applicable.

Version 9 was adopted by the following Councils with an effective date of:

  • Cairns Regional Council (16 February 2024)
  • Cassowary Coast Regional Council (19 February 2024)
  • Cook Shire Council (23 January 2024)
  • Douglas Shire Council (yet to be adopted - due to be adopted 28 May 2024)
  • Mareeba Shire Council (31 January 2024)
  • Tablelands Regional Council (9 February 2024)


 Associated Codes 

Fillable pdf Forms and Checklists  

Supplementary Documents