The development of partnerships and resource sharing within the Far North Queensland region is acknowledged as being integral to ongoing regional capacity and service delivery. The culture of resource sharing is well developed within the FNQROC region with significant achievements in sharing common planning tasks, strategic directions and funding priorities.

Procurement activities are to operate within these guidelines:

  • Where there exists limited supply for a product and/or service, 
  • Where member councils are competing against each other for the same goods and/or services
  • Where there is the opportunity for improved service delivery and/or
  • Where member Councils would benefit from the sharing of knowledge and collaboration


  • 2020/2021 Regional Bitumen Reseal:   CLOSED Monday 11 May 2020
  • 2020/2021 Regional Sewer Relining and/or Sewer and Manhole Condition Assessments:   CLOSED Monday 01 June 2020

Regional Procurement Advisory Committee Meetings

FNQROC Terms of Reference - Procurement Advisory Committee

Agenda/minutes available on request - please contact the the Procurement Coordinator

Regional Procurement Arrangements

FNQROC Process Guide - Regional Procurement Contracts

To obtain additional information regarding these arrangements, please contact:  Amanda Hancock, FNQROC Regional Procurement Coordinator

Phone: 07 40443021  l  Mobile: 0418 974 214  l  Email: email/a.hancock)(

Goods/Services Supplier Contract Commencement Contract Terms Expiry Participating Councils
Supply & Delivery of Sodium Hypochlorite Ionics Australasia (Operating as Elite Chemicals) 1 June 2017 3.5 years + 12 mths + 12 mths 30 November  2020

Cairns, Cassowary, Cook, Douglas, Hinchinbrook, Mareeba, Tablelands

Supply & Delivery of Liquid Alum Cleveland Bay Chemicals 1 June 2017  3.5 years + 12 mths + 12 mths 30 November  2020 Cairns, Cassowary, Cook, Douglas, Mareeba, Tablelands  
Collection & Disposal of Ferrous Metal & ULABS Sims Metal Management  1 June 2017  3.5 years + 12 mths + 12 mths 30 November 2020

Cairns, Cassowary*, Cook, Croydon*, Douglas, Etheridge*, Hope Vale*, Mareeba, Tablelands*, Wujal Wujal, Yarrabah*

* Council not participating in ULABs arrangement 

Regional Bitumen Reseal fgf Bitumen   

3 July 2017

Extended 2 x 12 mths

12 months + 12 mths + 12 mths 30 June 2020

Cairns, Cassowary, Hinchinbrook, Hope Vale,  Mareeba, Tablelands

Regional Removal & Beneficial Reuse of Biosolids

Arkwood Organic Recycling

1 July 2017

Extended 1 x 12 months

3 years + 12 mths + 12 mths 30 June 2021 Cairns, Cassowary, Cook, Douglas, Mareeba, Tablelands, Yarrabah


Supplier Information

Standard Terms & Conditions - FNQROC Contract

These are FNQROC's Standard Terms and Conditions for Services.  FNQROC may incorporate these Standard Terms and Conditions for Services into a contract with a supplier. However, the Standard Terms and Conditions for Services will not apply to any engagement for which FNQROC has provided a written contract incorporating alternative terms and conditions to the supplier.

Standard Terms & Conditions - Professional Services - FNQROC

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For further information, please contact FNQROC Procurement Coordinator:  

Amanda Hancock

Phone 4044 3021  l  Mobile 0418 974 214