Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council

Wujal Wujal is located between two UNESCO World Heritage sites approx. 2,000 kilometres north-west of the Brisbane CBD and 170 kilometres north of the Cairns CBD.  Wujal Wujal is named from the Aboriginal words meaning 'many falls' and is bounded by Cook Shire in the north and Douglas Shire in the east, south and west.  The estimated population of Wujal Wujal is 306 persons.

  • Mayor:  Cr Alister Gibson
  • Deputy Mayor:  Cr Claudia Grogan-Doughboy


  • CEO:  Kiley Hanslow (email/kiley)(wujal.qld.gov.au)
  • EA to Mayor & CEO:  Molin Orange (email/molin.orange)(wujal.qld.gov.au)