Regional Procurement - February 2014

By: Regional Procurement Coordinator, Steven Cosatto...


As Darlene mentioned above my current role of Regional Procurement Coordinator will be taken over by Amanda Hancock who started with FNQROC on Tuesday 28 January.  I will be moving into the role of Regional Infrastructure Project Coordinator (Regional Roads & Transport, Asset Management, Regional Development Manual and Recycled Waste).  I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Amanda to the role and thank everyone who assisted me in establishing the regional procurement framework.

Recent amendments to legislation

On 6 December 2013, Queensland Parliament adopted the Local Government Amendment Regulation (No. 4) 2013 ("Amendment Regulation"), which amended the Local Government Regulation 2012 ("LG Reg") and City of Brisbane Regulation 2012.

The most significant change introduced by the Amendment Regulation is to the definition of a medium-sized and large-sized contractual arrangements in s. 224 of the LG Reg.  These changes came into effect on 1 January 2014.

To assist council officers understanding these amendments Eleanor Scott from MacDonnells Law has accepted our invitation to speak at our first regional procurement meeting for the year on 14 February.  Read an extract from MacDonnells Legal Alert #1 2014 for further information.

Date claimers for 2014

Regional procurement meetings:

• 28 February

• 30 May

• 29 August

• 28 November

Current Projects

We have now finalised mid contract/project reviews of all collective arrangements, with suppliers and arrangements meeting or exceeding requirements.  The benefit of these reviews is to not only provide feedback to current suppliers and Councils, they have also identified positives and opportunities for improvement for projects currently being developed.

Regional Register for Pre-qualified Suppliers (ROPS) for road construction and maintenance services

I am pleased to advise that member Councils that have utilised the ROPS have commented they have received significant savings in both time and money.  The development and use of regional registers for suppliers, contractors etc and a collective utilisation of existing registers (ie. Local Buy) are areas which I have identified where we can do more.