Regional Asset Management

Objectives of the FNQROC Regional Asset Management Group are to share knowledge and experience held within the region to enable councils to enhance their Asset Management capabilities which further assists councils with their:

  • Asset Management Framework and processes, and
  • Long Term Financial Sustainability.

Key challenges have been summarised as (but not limited to):

  • The challenge of maintaining and replacing aging, and at times inadequate, infrastructure to meet both the community expectations and increasing regulations and standards; 
  • Identification of acceptable Service Levels;
  • The financial pressure of increasing costs and increasing expectations balanced against the communities capacity to pay;
  • Identification of asset risk exposure to an acceptable level;
    • External factors such as population change and climatic events;

The RAMG was established in 2006. General meetings are held quarterly, comprising of members of FNQROC and invited guests. 

In 2006 the group developed a Regional Asset Management Strategy which was later reviewed in 2009 in line with the Local Government Act 2009.

Since this time, the RAMG has also developed:



pdf  Regional Asset Management Strategy 529.66 Kb


For further information, please contact FNQROC Regional Strategic Infrastructure Coordinator:

Lachlan Rankine

Phone 4044 3684   l   Mobile 0428 486 447

Email: email/l.rankine)(